Lexi Leitman '15 Elected Miss University of Florida

Lexi Leitman, Providence Class of 2015, became Miss University of Florida in March 2018. Lexi shared,  “It has been an amazing experience! I was given so many opportunities, such as being in the homecoming parade, volunteering at Shands Children’s Hospital, guest judging multiple events, eating brunch with the school president, and more! It was a busy year with multiple appearances, but I learned a ton about public speaking and made so many connections!” Lexi said it was a blessing representing UF and that she is grateful for the opportunities and experiences. “It was an honor, and I will treasure the memories!”

This year Lexi came home to Providence to share her time with our students. She went to the Providence Preschool and read to an enthusiastic audience of preschoolers. They loved her! On June 6, 2019, Lexi went spoke with the girls at the American Girls Camp at Providence. She talked to them about what her job was like as Miss University of Florida and how “God has a purpose for all of us”. She explained that “beauty comes from within” and the importance of “always trying your best no matter what”. The girls were so sweet and they showed Lexi how they were learning to become ladies. Lexi said, “I loved getting to walk through the halls of Providence and catch up with the faculty members. It was a great time!”

Congratulations Lexi! Thank you for sharing your experiences with our young Stallions!

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