Where Are You Wednesday - Brooklyn Brecklin (Kelly), '12

We have started gathering contact information for Class of 2012 and next year's 10 year reunion! Get caught up with 2012 graduate, Brooklyn Kelly Brecklin! 


Tell us what you are doing currently professionally & personally.

  • Personally: I have been married to my husband, Nate, for three years. He played baseball at the Citadel and currently works for Stryker. We have two children, Dawson (4) and Blake (5 months). 
  • Professionally: I graduated from UNF with a degree in education in 2016. I guess you could say my teaching career has taken a “back seat”. I am currently at home with my children, but in all honesty that’s exactly where I want to be. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to stay home and invest in their little lives for as long as I can. 

How did your time at Providence School prepare you for what you are doing today?


I saw great examples at Providence of what it means to not just teach but to love your students and instill qualities in them that go beyond the classroom. I truly believe being a great teacher starts with the kind of relationship you have with your students. I pray my students always feel safe and loved in my classroom just like I did at Providence.


What is your greatest professional accomplishment thus far?


I did teach kindergarten while I was pregnant with my daughter and seeing those babies come in not being able to read or write and by the end of the year reading full sentences was an amazing sight to behold. The joy on their little Faces made all the hard days SO worth it. Although that may not seem like a crazy accomplishment to some, seeing the joy on a child’s face when they learn something new is the best feeling a teacher could ever experience! 


What advice would you give current students or recent graduates?

Don’t let the mistakes you make in high school or college define you (because you will make mistakes, plenty of them!) God can still use you and you have a divine purpose. God can use anything and anyone to bring glory to His name.


Share your best Providence memory.

When I played basketball for Coach Bistrow, we beat University Christian for the first time in school history with 4 seconds left in the game! 

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